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Living in his presence ministerial fellowship

In MATTHEW 16:18, Jesus said, "And on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it."

Did Jesus build His church as promised? The answer is a resounding YES! And HE has given us 28 chapters of illustrations, definitions and examples (the book of Acts) of what His original church was like, and what His church should still be like today!

Dr. Tyrone Campbell is the founder and Pastor of Living In His Presence Church, a non- denominational book of Acts church. He also founded and gives leadership to Living In His Presence Ministerial Fellowship (LIHPMF), an international network of ministers and churches who embrace the book of Acts blueprint for the local church. He founded the LIHP Ministerial Training Institute (LIHPMTI), a hands-on ministry training that empowers students to take the knowledge of LIHP Ministerial Training Institute and utilize it in their ministries and churches around the world. Dr. Campbell also conducts Conferences, sharing the exciting blueprint and miracles of a book of Acts church. If you would to like be a part of (LIHPMF) you are required to complete a simple course of study as part of the application process.  Note: Ordination is reserved for ministers who have proven their call into full time ministry. You must apply for licensing, first, if you are just beginning in the ministry. Later you can apply for ordination as your ministry progresses. There are exceptions to these criteria but only for those entering a full time ministerial position. LIHPMF is a network of ministers, ministries, and members in the body of Christ that work together for one common goal: To reach the harvest and advance the Kingdom Of God. LIHPMF members are expected to attend special LIHPMF meetings and support the vision with their financial giving and prayer. If you are interested in becoming apart of LIHPMF contact us by filling out the form below.

LIHP Ministerial Training Institute

The true church of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is an overcoming, glorious church full of of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Divine healing, miracles, signs and wonders and the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit operating is the normal Christian life and the realm in which God wants us to walk. Don't allow a lack of knowledge, fear of man or religious tradition stop you from moving in the power of God. LIHP Ministerial Training Institute has been designed to equip you to become an able minister of the New Testament. You will gain valuable instruction and insight in the following area: How to become more sensitive to the voice of God. How to follow Jesus in the ministry of healing. How to deal with demonic influence. How to destroy the works of the devil. How to minister in the power of God. How to yield to the Holy Spirit and be a vessel in God's hands. How to increase and release the anointing in your life. Child of God, in these last days the Lord is calling every believer, including you, to fulfill the mandate of Mark 16 and take your place in the Great Commission. Let me hear from you! Call Us At 757-253-1665 for more information.